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Dual Masters Degree Programmes


Full time (16 months)

Part time (2-5 years)

Dual Degree Award:

APU, Malaysia &
Staffordshire University, UK

Course Fees:

Malaysian Students - RM 29,500.00 + £ 250

International Students - RM 36,800.00 (USD 9,560.00) + £ 250

Programme Structure

The APU & SU Dual Masters programme offers students a unique opportunity to achieve a Masters degree which will be ideally placed to assist them in their career development or as a stepping stone into further postgraduate research and into academia. The programmes offered on the APU & SU Dual Masters programme, allows students to choose their preferred route at the Masters stage of their studies in semester 3.

Option 1: Dissertation Route
This route is suitable for students who wish to extend their research capabilities in the fulfilment of their ambition to progress in to academia. The dissertation forms one third of the Masters degree ensuring that students are able to demonstrate the skills required for further study or for academia.

Option 2: Project Paper/Case Study Route
In this route students are able to combine current work experience and knowledge to develop a smaller work based project or case study(equivalent to 2 modules), in addition students will be required to study 3 additional modules. This route will enable students to showcase their ability to perform detailed research and reviews within the working environment, skills which may then assist in promotion at work. The structure of the Masters Programme is as follows:

APU Dual Masters Awards

Masters Foundation Programme
The Masters Foundation Programme aims to enable students to acclimatise to the Masters nature of their studies. This is to ensure that students are equipped with a new set of learning strategies and skills required to better handle the Postgraduate Programme.

The Masters Foundation Programme offers the following modules:

  • Continuing Professional Development
    The objective of this module is to expose the students to the importance of discussing and working in groups, collaboration, managing cultural differences and develop analytical skills (reading, reflecting, critical thinking)
  • Study Skills
    The objective of this module is to expose the students to academic writing, referencing, presentation and exam answering techniques
  • Research Methods
    The objective of this module is to guide the students on how to generate research ideas, evaluate and summarise academic references, search for appropriate academic references and distinguish between scholarly and non-scholarly references

The modules on the Masters Foundation Programme is delivered over a period of 4 weeks with a total of 36 hours (each module consisting of 12 hours) as follows:

  • Weeks 1 to 4
    1 x 1 hour lecture + 1 x 2 hours supervised other activity depending on the module
    (eg laboratory work, presentations, projects case studies, discussions etc)