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3+0 Design Degree Programmes

Animation & Visual Effects

The UK’s animation and visual effect industry is one of the highest barometers in the world. Big number of blockbuster movies, TV commercial and TV series have been created in the UK based post-production companies, such as Aardman Studio, Double Negative, The Mill, Moving Picture (MPC), and many more, ranging from animations like Shaun the Sheep, Lego the Movie, to real life action movies like Man of Steel, Ironman, to Maleficent, Godzilla and many more. This particular industry offers a huge range of exciting career opportunities for multi-skilled individuals with the motivation to succeed. Staffordshire University and APIIT offer the right programmes for you who want to be involved in the industry of animation & visual effect. Whether you’d like to develop your knowledge, sense and skill in character animation or being a director of your future movie, you will experience the whole learning process from industry-experienced lecturers. You will also gain technical, creative, presentation and problem solving skill that are highly valued across a wide range of professions. Through our programme, you will also learn how to create a mind blowing show reel of animation and VFX. Showing some “before and after” footage of visual effect is commonly used for CGI artist, while some short animation or real life action are also popular to be your show case.


If you really love animated movies from Pixar, Dreamworks or Disney, it means this programme is the one for you. You will learn the process of creating series of character design, vehicles and props, background lay-out, traditional animation to the computer animation. Imagination and drawing skill is essential for this particular study.

If you think as an ‘imaginative’ artist, who feels at home in the virtual world, you should consider this course. You’ll learn how to create and adapt your ideas to meet specific needs in film or games, or in modelling virtual environments; visuals which might include characters, vehicles, objects, sets or backgrounds.

Industrial Design

Design lies behind everything we buy, use and desire. Good design is attractive, useable and practical and also sells. Good designers combine aesthetics with functionality, communications with entrepreneurialism, visual communications capability with effective written and spoken communications and the ability to work and empathise with others. Designers work on everything from household products to industrial ones, from advertisements to any visual communication, from small to massive projects, for themselves and for large corporations. Every time you buy something a designer has been involved in creating it and promoting it. What you buy may have been made in one country, but has usually been designed in UK, Europe or USA. The net flow of payments for licences and royalties of designs from manufacturing countries such as China to UK is massive. British designers are amongst the leading designers in the world and have developed their expertise in UK Universities such as Staffordshire University.

Now you can experience the advantages of studying design with Staffordshire University in Malaysia. The Degrees offered by APIIT have the same curriculum as at Staffordshire University in the UK. They will develop your abilities to work on your own and in a team in initiating and creating a wide range of products and promotional activities, including advertisements for print, broadcast, and online as well as display packaging and other promotional support tools.

Many of the world’s most iconic and recognizable designs originate in the UK. Think of the UK Union Jack flag to be found on clothing and cars, the easily recognizable MINI car, the London Underground map which has been copied by rail systems around the world and London buses. You may want to equip yourself for a career in pretty much any sector that requires a certified Designer. Whatever the case, you’ll find we’ve an industry-leading course for you.

Take a look at this programme if you see yourself designing everything from toys, lighting and furniture to household goods and consumer technology.