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APIIT - BA (Hons) International Relations


3 Years (6 Semesters)

Degree Award:

Staffordshire University, UK

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The BA (Hons) in International Relations aims to produce graduates who are reflective and critical learners, with a global perspective, and who are prepared for the world of work. This is achieved through a number of measures: 

  • IIn order to capitalize on the knowledge and understanding that the degree aims to develop, effective communication and an ability to work in teams and with diverse stakeholders, are seen as essential attributes of our graduates. The development of communication, presentation and team working skills lie at the heart of the degree and are nurtured from first principles to a high level of proficiency in many of the thematic modules and, especially, through tutorial programmes.
  • Employers also value independence of thought and a creative ability to find solutions. The degree enables students to take ownership of their learning – whether individually or in groups – and encourages independence of thought and problem-solving across a spectrum of activities: in the conduct of a research dissertation; in critical reading and writing in thematic modules; or in tutorial discussions and presentations.

In addition the degree explores issues of sustainability and the environment. Atmospheric and many other pollutions are inevitably global issues as they know no boundaries and are included here because sustainability and the environment are increasingly important global issues, including the international competition for scarce resources such as oil and water.


We welcome applications from people with a wide variety of qualifications, skills and experience. Applications are individually assessed. However typically you will have:

  • Route 1:  Entry to Year 1 Degree
    • Successful completion of STPM with 2 full passes or equivalent with minimum CGPA of 2.0 and completion of SPM or equivalent; or
    • Successful completion of A-Level with at least a pass in 2 subjects and successful completion of O-Level or equivalent; or
    • Recognised Matriculation or foundation with CGPA 2.0; or
    • A qualification that SU accepts as equivalent to the above.

All students must demonstrate that they have met the equivalent of IELTS 6 either through formal English language assessment or through success in prior study at “A” level or equivalent in English.

  • Route 2: Direct Entry to Year 2 Degree
    • Successful completion of the relevant APIIT Diploma, or
    • Successful completion of study in another recognised institution with academic credits equivalent to level 4 of an honours degree in relevant subjects


Topics you will experience include:

Year 1

  • Cinema Film Analysis
  • Issues in World Politics
  • Making History: Debating the Past
  • Making History: Local & Global Perspectives
  • Modern Political Ideas
  • Philosophy, Life and Existence
  • Sustainable Lifestyles & Communities
  • War, Peace & Cooperation

Year 2

  • Environmental Policy, Legislation & Regulation
  • Concepts in International Relations
  • Dissertation: Preparation Plan
  • Money, Trade and Development
  • Development of the Global System
  • International Security
  • Broadcast Journalism and Government
  • South Asian History, Politics and Culture


Year 3

  • Sustainability, Planning & Environmental Policy
  • Dissertation in International Relations I
  • Dissertation in International Relations II
  • Governance & Global Policy
  • Conflict and Journalism
  • Government, Intelligence Agencies and the 21st Century World
  • International Communications
  • Transnational Organised Crime

In addition to the above, all students are also required to successfully complete four (4) General Studies modules as stipulated by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency, as well as fulfill credit requirements for CoCurricular Activities.


The award equips students with practical and academic skills attractive to employers. These include independent judgement, self-reflection and critical debate. Students may choose to use the specialist knowledge acquired, to work in one of the many international institutions, national foreign or defence ministries or internationally oriented organisations of many sorts. Graduates will find employment across a wide range of careers destinations including the education sector, government agencies, local authorities, political consultancies, or will enter the industrial or commercial sectors. Others will undertake further postgraduate training across a range of academic and vocational courses.

All information is correct at the time of publication, but is subject to change in the interest of continuing improvement.

Malaysian Student Fees:
Course Fees:
Year 1: RM 23,800 + £250
Year 2: RM 24,500 + £250
Year 3: RM 25,500 + £250
Total: RM 73,800 + £750
International Student Fees:
Course Fees:
Year 1: RM 24,600 (USD 5,860) + £250
Year 2: RM 26,200 (USD 6,240) + £250
Year 3: RM 26,900 (USD 6,410) + £250
Total: RM 77,700 (USD 18,510) + £750

KPT/JPS (N/313/6/0013)(PA4058)09/19