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Research Centres

Centre Description Contact Person
Asia Pacific Center of Robotics Engineering (APCore)

The center is looking into doing research in various areas of robotics especially humanoid robot development, robotic sensors, robotic vision and biomedical robotics. The centers objective is to... more

Suresh Gobee
Asia Pacific Centre of Analytics (APCA)

To develop skills set pertaining to the Data Scientist profession and to establish APU as a centre for industrial based analytical research.

Head: Manoj Jayabalan

... more

Manoj Jayabalan
Center for Research and Development of IoT (CREDIT)

To build industry capable talent for IoT market and catalyse effort to support the Research and Development by providing IoT... more

Dr. Tan Chye Cheah
Centre for Entrepreneurship & Leadership (CEL)

To bring together all researchers within the School and other faculties who have an interest in Entrepreneurship, Leadership and other contemporary developments... more

Dr. Jugindar Singh
Centre For Professional Transformation In Accounting & Finance (CPTAF)

CPTAF research includes the evolution of accounting and finance, as business partners within a firm leading its goals towards sustainable value creation and as drivers of change, transformation... more

Geetha A Rubasundram
Centre of Business Digitisation & Innovation (CBDI)

The Centre for Business Digitisation and Innovation (CBDI) is a research, consultancy and engagement platform for Asia Pacific University scholars. CBDI is engaged in publication of quality... more

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mudiarasan Kuppusamy
Forensic and Cyber Security Research Center (FSec)

To develop skills set pertaining to the forensics and cyber security in order to meet the demands of the future in new trends, governance, regulation, partnerships, skills, and tools.

... more

Dr Maryam Shahpasand