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M.Sc. in Technology Management


Full time (12-18 Months) / Part time (2-5 years)


Asia Pacific University (APU), Malaysia & Staffordshire University, UK

This programme is specifically designed to provide:

  • An opportunity to understand and appreciate the combination of technology with management
  • A platform to produce capable managers who can effectively manage the dynamic changes that technology makes at all levels
  • An understanding of the needs of management in decision-making
  • An overall appreciation of the manner in which an organisation’s strategic business plan drives its technology strategy and infrastructure

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree with minimum CGPA of 2.50 or equivalent as acceptable by the Senate; OR
  • Evidence of satisfactory English language skills is required for candidates where English is not their first language, such as IELTS 6.5 or above.

Who should attend

This programme is geared towards graduates from technical programmes such as engineering and computer science who wish to master managerial skills that are relevant to their background.

This programme also appeals to non-technical managers and executives who are increasingly required to manage technology and technical personnel as part of their managerial responsibilities. Graduates seeking senior management careers in high technology or technology intensive businesses are also encouraged to enrol in this programme.

The Benefits of This Programme

On successful completion of this programme, you will be able to :

  • Demonstrate professional competencies in one or more specialist branches of Technology Management
  • Draw upon the body of theoretical and technical knowledge available and be able to use this to professional advantage
  • Communicate effectively in technical and professional environments
  • Show initiative and independence of thought in technical project planning and design
  • Appreciate how an efficient technology-based infrastructure is a key factor in enabling a business to gain a competitive edge
  • Illustrate how technology can support strategies to enhance corporate goals
  • Critically analyse, design and evaluate possible developments in a specialised area of discipline in order to further the knowledge and understanding of a technology management environment

Programme Modules & Project / Dissertation

The programme comprises 7 coursework modules, the Personal Development and Research Methods Module and a major project/dissertation. The modules take into consideration issues of quality, management of innovation and technological change. In addition, internationalisation and global perspectives are considered and focus  is given to strategic management in order to enhance the coherence of the programme.

There are 5 compulsory Core Modules and you will have to choose 2 electives from those listed.

Core Modules

Optional Modules*  (choose 2)

  • Change Leadership
  • The Human Capital Dimension
  • Strategic Planning and Systems Development
  • Technology Management
  • Personal Development and Research Methods
  • Quality and Project Management for Technology
  • Dissertation
  • Marketing Innovations
  • Integrated Systems Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Services Science
  • Project Management
 * Optional modules are offered based on a pre-defined sequence and should students select their own set of preferred options, the duration to completion may be extended.


Training in research methods, through the Personal Development and Research Methods Module, in addition to close supervision, will encourage you to develop your research skills so that you can complete your major project/dissertation efficiently. You are encouraged to complete industry-based major projects/dissertations where possible, however the emphasis must be placed on an effective demonstration of how the application of computer-related technology can be part of the business environment. It is expected that the project would devise, recommend or implement innovative solutions to the problem areas.

Malaysian Student Fees:
Course Fees:
Total: RM 29,500 + £250
International Student Fees:
Course Fees:
Total: RM 36,800 (USD 8,770
) + £250


All information is correct at the time of publication, but is subject to change in the interest of continuing improvement.