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Bachelor in Banking and Finance (Hons) with a Specialism in Financial Technology


3 Years 

Degree Award:



26th Feb 2019 
29th April 2019 
24th Sep 2019 

This programme is specifically designed to provide students with:

  • Knowledge and skills in handling financial products, product development and working within the rapidly changing Global Banking and Finance Industry.
  • Opportunities to develop into highly competent managers, who are well qualified not only in Banking and Finance but also other professional areas required for successful business administration and management.
  • Basic technical competency and professionalism on the technology that will transform the delivery of financial services.

What you will study


Students will learn fundamental skills required for every banking and finance professional, the basic understanding of business management and finance as well as the fundamentals of Financial Technology. We will also expose them towards business & communication skills, accounting skills and management skills.

Common Modules

  • Quantitative and Statistical Methods
  • Introduction to Management
  • Business and Communication Skills
  • Financial Accounting 1
  • Business Economics
  • Introduction to Banking and Finance
  • Financial Accounting 2
  • Essentials of FinTech
  • Business Law
  • Marketing
In addition to the above, all students are also required to successfully complete General Studies modules as stipulated by the Malaysian Qualification Agency, as well as fulfill credit requirements for Co-Curricular Activities.


A broader range of skills will be learnt, in which students will gain a better understanding of banking instruments, procedures, regulatory framework as well as overall financial system environment. Students will be introduced to hands-on training on the underlying technologies enabling FinTech solutions. They will also be exposed to the new FinTech solutions namely digital currencies, peer to peer lending and etc. In addition, they will also familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of data mining techniques. We will further nurture their independent learning to prepare them for the workplace and for further researches.

Common Modules

Specialised Modules
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • The Financial System
  • Banking Instruments & Procedures
  • Times Series & Forecasting
  • Enabling FinTech
  • Law of Banking and Finance
  • Financial Econometrics
  • Business Research Methods
  • Financial Management
  • Data Mining & Predictive Modelling
  • Workplace Professional Communication Skills
  • Employee and Employment Trends
  • Digital Currencies and Blockchain Technologies
  • Crowdfunding and Alternative Lending


Students will undertake a short Internship/ Industrial Training for a minimum period of 16 weeks to prepare them for a smooth transition from the classroom to the working environment


Students will make use of their previous studies and industrial experience to learn about the governance, risk management and compliance of financial technology and theories as well as the globalization of banking and finance in International Banking. Concept of empirical application of Robo Advisor and Entrepreneurial Finance will also be target with aims to groom them as a leader in financial technology.  A final year project requires them to explore a topic individually- they will demonstrate their academic and practical aspects of their ability in the chosen area of study.

Common Modules

Specialised Modules
  • Risk Management in Banking
  • Financial Derivatives
  • Corporate Finance
  • International Banking and Investment
  • Investigations in Financial Technology
  • Building Customer Relationships
  • Portfolio Management
  • Financial Technology Project
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Robo Advisor
  • FinTech Governance, Risk Management & Compliance

MOHE Compulsory Subjects*

  • Ethnic Relations (Msian Students)
  • Islamic & Asian Civilisation (Msian Students)
  • Malaysian Studies (Int’l Students)
  • Malay Communication Language (Int’l Students)
  • Co-curriculum
(*All students are required to successfully complete the General Studies modules as stipulated by the Malaysian Qualification Agency upon graduation)

Career Options

  • Entrepreneur
  • FinTech Specialist
  • Banking Specialist
  • Payment System Specialist
  • Data Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Product Developer
  • Compliance Expert
  • FinTech Quantitative Developer
  • Strategy Analyst
  • Business Development Associate
29 Nov 2018 - Fintech modules offered as part of bachelor’s degree - Read more at

Course Fees:

Malaysian StudentsInternational Students

Level 1: RM 24,200

Level 2: RM 25,000

Level 3: RM 25,600

Total: RM 74,800

Level 1: RM 26,700 (USD 6,940)

Level 2: RM 28,200 (USD 7,330)

Level 3: RM 28,900 (USD 7,510)

Total: RM 83,800 (USD 21,780)

Fees stated above do not include Enrolment Fees, Registration Fees and other Miscellaneous Fees.