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Executive Writing

Executive Writing provides a rich learning experience where students will develop a wide range of Executive Writing skills, all in the context of working at WebFurn, an Internet based furniture company.

On starting the course, you will take on a role as a Sales Manager at WebFurn. In this role you will learn how to interact in an executive business environment and build an understanding of both the language and the processes of business. You will be expected to read a variety of business texts and learn how to write them. You will also have the opportunity to listen to texts and to learn how to take notes from them. You will be invited to create presentations, resumes and a variety of other documents.

The course is designed around a set of tasks, with each task being broken into a number of activities. Whilst the course has been created to represent four weeks of work at WebFurn, it can of course, be completed at your own pace. You might choose to complete this short intensive course quickly, or to proceed more leisurely through the tasks.

Upon completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Read and understand business texts 
  • Write a range of business correspondence, including business emails, faxes, memos, letters, agendas, meeting notes, quotes, presentations and contracts of sale 
  • Listen to and take notes from, voicemail messages 
  • Participate in and administer business meetings 
  • Perform a wide range of business tasks and functions as a business executive