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Pre-University Studies 

Adiva Madewnus binti Yazman Madewnus (Malaysia)

Love how APU Foundation programme is flexible and not heavily exam-based, making it interesting to learn other than just memorization. Lecturers were always convenient to contact and very helpful on providing assignment guidelines which are the qualities that made me continue for my degree in APU.

Foundation Class 2019
BA(Hons) in Marketing Management with a specialism in Digital Marketing 

Advait Sinha (India)

APU granted me the important skills along with a supportive environment that gave me an opportunity to achieve my full potential. I also interacted with people from vastly different backgrounds, participated in various events and gained professional work experience, all of which has helped me grow as a person.

Foundation class of 2018-2019
BSc (Hons) in Computer Science with a specialisms in Data Analytic 
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Computing & IT 

Loh Hoi Ping (Malaysia)

The lectures here were so supportive and helpful as compare to other university that I’ve studied in. I consider APU as one of the pillars that has supported me to become the person I am today.


BSc (Hons) in Information Technology with a specialism in Cloud Computing (2020)

TCB Digital Associate at CIMB


Derrick Chan Jianli (Zimbabwe)

The knowledge and experience gained from attending APU have really assisted me in securing my first job relatively smoothly as the knowledge and experience acquired were industry-relevant and a decent foundation to further develop on.


BSc (Hons) in Information Technology with a specialism in Information System Security (2019)

Associate Consultant at EY

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Business & Management 

Lee Kah Wen (Malaysia)

Studying in APU is truly a lifechanging moment for me. Our classmates and lecturer encouraged me to express my ideas and opinions that establish a stable foundation for my career. If given a chance to choose a university again, I will choose APU without hesitation.


BA (Hons) in International Business Management (2021)

Insurance Agent, at Great Eastern


Smriti Reebye (Mauritius)

APU has been made me grown the most, both intellectually and personally. I got to learn a broad range of courses from Marketing, Strategy to Finance or even Human Resources just to cite a few. I was also a Student Ambassador and got to work with students from different places and backgrounds and that was truly culturally enriching. I was also very lucky to have such supportive lecturers that believed in me since day 1.


BA (Hons) in International Business Management (2021)

Fund Administrator, at Trident Trust Company (Mauritius) Limited

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Design & Creative Media 

Mitsuki Itani (Japan)

APIIT helped me to grow my skills in 3D with lecturers who were very helpful in many aspects. The experience at APIIT helped me push myself to work for what I love and luckily that became my job now.

BSc in Visual Effects and Concept Design (2018)
3D Character Artist at Streamline Studios 

Sharon Ng Yen Peng (Malaysia)

APU is a place filled with talented students with big dreams and warm-hearted staffs. The lecturers are inspiring, and many opportunities were given to us to explore and learn. APU has shaped me to become detail-oriented which allow me to land my first job.


BA (Hons) Animation (2016)

Character Effect Artist, Silver Ant Sdn. Bhd.

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Accounting & Finance 

Othilia Wong (Malaysia)

The lecturers in APU are amazing, helpful and are ever willing to guide me both in giving useful life advices as well as to help improve where I lack in studies. The facilities and environment in APU are also top notch and it greatly benefited me when I needed to get assignments done or when I needed a comfortable place to study.


BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance with specialism in Forensic Accounting (2020)

Anti-Money Laundering Analyst at Citibank, Malaysia


Abdullah Shah (Pakistan)

APU has greatly contributed to making me who I am today both professionally and socially. The worthy degree of APU has helped me in securing a permanent position in PWC which is one of the largest Audit and Financial Services Firm.


BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance (2019)

Project Trainee at AF. Ferguson & Co. (a member firm of the PwC network), Pakistan

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Marketing & Tourism 

Raimkulov Amirkhan (Kazakhstan)

APU programme gave me a solid knowledge base in all areas of marketing, especially the ability to put theory into practice. I had no problems finding a job in my home country, APU certificate is very much appreciated by the employer in Kazakhstan.

BA (Hons) in Media Marketing (2019)
Sales Assistant, RTS Decaux JSC, Kazakhstan 

Roveel Zahra (Pakistan)

APU has provided me one-of-a-kind experience that really moulds a student from the inside out. A variety of student activities were also organised frequently and due to the multi-cultural setting, socializing is an experience to be enjoyed. I’m proud to say that I’m an APU graduate!

BA (Hons) in Media Marketing (2019)
Business Development Consultant, Oracle Corporation Malaysia 
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Mohammad Hussain (India)

I am eternally grateful for being awarded the APU Merit Scholarship throughout my academic years. The diverse and progressive learning culture at APU helped me develop essential skills which continue to reward me in my career today.


B. Eng (Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (2019)

Trans Ops Specialist - Relay Operations Centre (ROC) at Amazon, India


Mohammad Qasim Ashraf (United Arab Emirates)

APU has a very balanced lifestyle from social activities to learning professional seminars, all have helped me grow as an Engineer. I have deep respect for my lecturers which nurtured me into the person I am today.


B. Eng (Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (2019)

Engineer at Shurooq Al Noreen

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Actuarial Studies 

Ong Khai Liang (Malaysia)

The actuarial community at APU is so supportive which motivated me to sit for professional exams, which are extremely important in an actuarial journey. The environment and people I met are amazing which keeps me excited for what's coming next!

BSc (Hons) in Actuarial Studies (2021)
Product Development and Pricing Support Executive, at Sun Life Malaysia Assurance Berhad 

Choo Jah Veen (Malaysia)

Actuarial studies require all-rounder knowledge such as strong mathematical skills, finance, risk management. The course designed for actuarial studies degree helped me on the road of preparing for professional exams which made us highly employable.

BSc (Hons) in Actuarial Studies (2020)
Product Development & Pricing Support Executive, Sun Life Malaysia, Malaysia 
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Banking & Finance 

Chong Yee Voon (Malaysia)

I was able to secure a job at Public Bank not long after graduation. I truly believe that it was my attitude and drive that has pushed me to become who I am today. APU definitely plays an important role to shape my mindset and be confident in myself.

Bachelor in Banking and Finance (Hons) with a specialism in Financial Planning (2020)
Credit Analyst, Public Bank, Malaysia 

Jung Choy Ni (Malaysia)

The courses themselves provided us a strong foundation of banking, risk management, funds management which allows us to understand the current market the aspects of investment, financial analysis, and risk management.

Bachelor in Banking and Finance (Hons) with a specialism in Investment and Risk Management (2019)
Credit Analyst, Public Bank, Malaysia 
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Media, International Relations & Psychology 

Sarah Azizah (Indonesia)

Wherever I go, I carry with me a part of APU whether it's for a Job Interview, conferences or a networking session. I am proud to say that I graduated from APU.


Bachelor of Arts in Media Marketing (2016)

Jr Insight at Sonar Platform, Indonesia

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Postgraduate Studies 

Amira Ahmed Abdillahi (Djibouti)

I have learned and experienced so many new things in such a short period of time. Most importantly, I learned at APU how to get out of my comfort zone something that I could not do before.


Master of Project Management (2019)

Banking Management Trainee at IIB


Martina Nikolovska (United States of America)

I can gladly say that all my professors have had a major impact in my life as they have taught me more than what is on the syllabus but also shared their past experiences in the industry.


MSc in Global Marketing Management (2019)

Legal Administrative Specialist at Social Security Administration

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