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Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors at APU are a group of outstanding, active, diverse and helpful student volunteers. They gain hands-on experiences in collaborating with people of diverse culture, nurturing teamwork and professional intercultural communications within them even before graduation.

Our Student Ambassadors team comprises students from 50 countries. They gain valuable experiences through heavy involvement in:

  • Assisting student arrivals & pickup to provide seamless communication to international students 
  • Representing the university in corporate events at the ministry, as well as exhibitions and Open Days locally & internationally
  • Mentoring new students and provide guidance on general queries related to their academic, administration & student life experiences

Hear from our Student Ambassadors:

Augusto Silva de Assis Goncalves (Brazil)
Student Ambassador 2019/2020

I love the international experience that I can have in APU as a Student Ambassador. Here I can speak my four languages and at the moment I am learning one more, something just APU Student Ambassador experience can offer me. I received so much of opportunities and I have learnt so much from many different cultures. I am very happy here and very thankful for the life experience given. Everyday I am becoming more mature and growing my essential skills as a human being.

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Madina Sultanova (Uzbekistan)
Student Ambassador 2018/2019

The Student Ambassador opportunity allowed me to have more international friends than what I've expected. APU students have active lifestyle as almost everyday, there are some events in the campus. Participation of students in these events make students united and helps them to expand their friends circle. I am thankful for the opportunity given to me to build my skills as one of the selected Student Ambassadors.

Here are more photos of our Student Ambassador Alumni community: