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Entrepreneurship is not only about creating a venture. It is about creating anything – be it a startup or a rock band. Entrepreneurship is a skill-set that enables anyone to learn to create stuff people want or need.

At Enterprise@APU we are building a robust platform for students to explore your entrepreneurial ambitions and to bring ideas to reality.

Building on the vast experience of entrepreneurs and ecosystem builders, Enterprise@APU brings together experienced entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, educators and corporate figures acting entrepreneurially to share their insights and experience with students and academicians.

Enterprise@APU is your test-bed take your ideas forward - be it for a tech startup, a social enterprise or even to become a corporate changemaker.

All Students at APU

The University has embarked on a comprehensive and cohesive program to help you unlock your entrepreneurial ambitions. Read On! And Participate! Be Part of This Exciting Initiative!

The Student Entrepreneurs' Pathway To A Meaningful & Sustainable
​Startup @ APU

Join Us On Our Events and Programs :

Enterprise Wednesday (Entrepreneurs’ Sharing Session) –  is a series of evening talks and panel discussions with experienced entrepreneurs and startup founders. You will hear the entrepreneurs who have done it before share their experience and insights;

CEO/CTO Series - is a series of evening talks and panel discussions with highly experienced C-Level executives and domain experts from the industry. You will hear the C Level Professionals/Leaders share their Digital Leadership experiences;

Ideas Bootcamp (Startup Weekend) - where you will learn the rapid-fire method to take ideas to market;

Ideas Accelerator Programme - is a pre-seed accelerator to help founders build meaningful and sustainable startups.

Venture Building Programme - whats next for a validated venture? Building your venture with the guidance of experienced mentors.

Come and join our Enterprise@APU program. We are looking forward to help you create your sustainable and meaningful venture.

For more info, please click HERE and for any further clarifications, please email - enterprise@apu.edu.my.