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Top of the World (Again)!

Despite the current challenging environment due to the global COVID-19 outbreak, we’re still an Award-Winning University!

We are proud and honoured to share with you a good news that just happened in midst of the gloomy atmosphere – 2 teams from our Schools of Computing & Technology emerged as the Champion & 1st Runner Up teams of the HILTI IoT Competition 2020, which was conducted virtually over the past few days.
It gave us immense pride as we were the only Malaysian university that had representations at the Finals of the competition – not 1, not 2 but 4! Out of these 4 teams, “Team Acefaction” attained the championship whereas “Team Ants” emerged as the 1st Runner Up. Despite having to conduct their presentations virtually in midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, our teams performed outstandingly and were able to propose world-class Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for the construction industry, as specified in the competition scope. Although they were made up of Diploma & Undergraduate students, their confidence level and their competitiveness were nothing short of what were demonstrated by their competitors, who comprised Postgraduate and Undergraduate students from National University of Singapore (NUS), University of Liechtenstein and ETH Zurich, Switzerland.
As a result of their excellence, our Champion team won themselves an opportunity to visit Hilti’s strategic IT locations and to build their network with Hilti IT personnel, while our 1st Runner Up team walked away with a piece of Hilti’s power tool that comes with a lifetime warranty. Both teams were mentored by our colleagues from the Schools of Computing & Technology whilst the other 2 finalist teams were guided by School of Engineering lecturers.
Team Name & PlacingProject NameMembersMentoring Lecturer(s)

Acefaction  (Champion)

Hilti Auth (A Mobile Application to Authenticate Tools via BLE & Tracking the Tool Using Sound, Vibration & Visualization Radar)

  • Haridasan Balakrishnan
  • Nityanantan Balakrishnan
  • Veeloshana D/O Raman Silam Buselven
  • Magentira Kumar S/O Mogan Kumar
  • Dr Tan Chye Cheah
  • Chong Mien May

Ants (1st Runner Up)

WS Helmet (A smart helmet that helps in maximising the survival rate of construction workers at construction site)

  • Wong Jen Yin
  • Tan Phing Yeeh
  • Chong Mei Teng
  • Shanazar Valiyev
  • Lak Yen Nee
  • Vinothini Kasinathan

GDP (Finalist)

Smart Informative Eyewear (An assistive device that helps to boost productivity)

  • Christopher James Aeria
  • Arun A/L Attappan
  • Ahmed Isnaadh
  • Sujindharan A/L S. Narayansamy
  • Randall Theo Samm
  • Suresh Gobee

Why are we here? (Finalist)

A.S.I.A. (Automated Storage solution with IoT & AR)

  • Lorenz Kent Concepcion
  • Lee Zhen Yung
  • Ong Khai Jye
  • Tanuja Kaur
  • Koh Wan Hui
  • Ir. Dr. Alvin Yap Chee Wei

Kudos and huge CONGRATULATIONS to the teams and their mentors for bringing pride to APU & to Malaysia!