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APU’s Master Of Project Management Programme Is Now An Internationally Accredited Programme By GAC-PMI

Effective 1st August 2021, APU is officially an internationally accredited Master of Project Management (MPM) programme provider. This was announced by the Project Management Institute (PMI) Global Accreditation Center (GAC), USA after an exhaustive review and accreditation process.

One of the Four in Malaysia & One of 17 in Asia

APU is among only 4 universities in Malaysia and also one of 17 institutions in Asia with GAC-PMI Accreditation at the Masters Level. 

Being a branch of PMI, the GAC is the world’s leading specialised accrediting body for Project Management and related degree programs. The accreditation further strengthens the recognition of the MPM Programme and its commitment to foster excellence and continuous improvement in project management principles and practice, leading towards the delivery of successful projects.

APU’s Graduate School of Technology went through a stringent assessment process, which was carried out by three GAC-PMI assessors virtually. The School will need to submit annual reports on the progress of any changes in the MPM Programme during the 5 year accreditation period. 

What does it mean to be GAC-PMI Accreditated?

With this accreditation, GAC has confirmed that APU’s Masters in Project Management (MPM) programme has been carefully assessed and that its scale, scope, and quality meet comprehensive, global standards for accreditation. The accreditation body also highlighted the deep commitment of APU and our faculty to ongoing evaluation and continuous quality improvement.

Benefits of the Accreditation

With this accreditation, APU’s students will now benefit from fewer certification requirements. In other words, graduates of the GAC accredited MPM programme will be granted substantial credit toward the experience requirement when they apply for all PMI certifications. Besides, the core project management modules are pre-approved for PMI Contact Hours or Professional Development Units (PDUs). 

“Contact Hours” are the measuring unit used to quantify approved learning before sitting for a PMI credential. Thus, any applicant will need to comply with certain contact hours before applying for PMI certification. With GAC-PMI accreditation, APU’s students who have completed the required modules will be exempted from the contact hours requirements and apply directly. 

The same goes for PDUs, which is a measurement used to quantify approved learning and professional service activities for PMI credentials. Students enrolled on the GAC-PMI accredited MPM programme can now submit modules completed at APU as PDUs. 

GAC Programmes Granted Use of Selected PMI Intellectual Property

With GAC-PMI accreditation, APU can access certain PMI works for use in related course materials thus providing graduates with up-to-date information and knowledge.

Congratulations to the Graduate School of Technology for achieving this milestone for the benefit of APU’s students!