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Partnership with Advance Pact to Focus on Healthcare Device Optimisation and Management

On December 14, 2023, the Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU) formalised a strategic partnership with Advance Pact Sdn Bhd (APSB), focusing on collaborating within the area of Healthcare Device Optimisation and Management.

Prof. Dr. Ho Chin Kuan (4th from the right) and Pn. Siti Ainol Khabtiah Mohd Jamil (5th from the right) posed for a photo after the MoU signing ceremony, together with academicians and senior management from both parties.

Established in 1997, APSB is the leading healthcare consultancy and services provider in Malaysia with a widespread presence not only in Malaysia, but also in the Asia Pacific, East Asia, and the Middle East regions.

This significant milestone, celebrated at APU’s campus at Technology Park, Bukit Jalil, and attended by key stakeholders from both organisations, is a major leap forward in the integration of technology and engineering within the healthcare sector.

The collaboration, led by APU's Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dr. Ho Chin Kuan, and APSB's CEO, Pn. Siti Ainol Khabtiah Mohd Jamil, originated from the visionary proposal of APU's Chief Innovation and Entrepreneurship Officer (CIEO), Professor Ts. Dr. Vinesh Thiruchelvam.

The inaugural academic focus of the APU and APSB collaboration will centre on engineering and specialise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology projects. It will be supervised by Ir. Eur. Ing. Ts. Dr. Lau Chee Yong (2nd from the right) and co-supervised by Assoc. Prof. Dr. V. Sivakumar (2nd from the left). (Photo courtesy of MalaysiaGazette).

As part of this comprehensive collaboration, APSB has underscored its commitment by enrolling two of its staff members as PhD students at APU. The academic focus, centred on Engineering and specialised in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology projects, will be supervised by Ir. Eur. Ing. Ts. Dr. Lau Chee Yong, Senior Lecturer of the School of Engineering (SoE), and co-supervised by Associate Professor Dr. V. Sivakumar of the School of Computing (SoC).

The expertise and guidance of Dr. Lau will play a pivotal role in cultivating the next generation of professionals in the field. This collaboration not only strengthens the bond between industry and academia but also highlights APU's dedication to offering cutting-edge education and research opportunities.

The partnership's objective is not solely focused on advancing knowledge through research but also on addressing real-world challenges in healthcare device optimisation and management. With the collective efforts of APU and APSB, this collaboration is poised to generate impactful solutions that transcend traditional approaches.

The strategic alliance between APU and APSB mirrors a shared vision of leveraging technology to enhance healthcare services. APU anticipate that the knowledge and innovations arising from this partnership will have a lasting impact on the healthcare industry, aligning with broader national agendas.

The signing ceremony marks the commencement of a transformative journey where academia and industry converge to shape the future of healthcare technology. The collaborative spirit demonstrated by APU and APSB sets a precedent for future engagements that bridge the gap between theory and practice, ultimately benefiting society at large.

Both parties look forward to the fruitful outcomes that will emerge from this partnership and the positive impact it will have on both institutions and the healthcare industry.