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Research on the Rise: APU Invests Big in RDIG 2023 Projects

APU doubled its funding for the Research and Development Internal Grant (RDIG) scheme, nearly doubling the number of research initiatives from 11 projects funded in 2022 to a cohort of 20 projects for 2023. 

Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) continues its commitment to encouraging early career researchers with the resounding success of the 2023 Research and Development Internal Grant (RDIG) scheme. 

The RDIG scheme is open to all APU full-time academic staff, welcoming proposals and fostering research development across the university. 

Applications are typically yearly, usually submitted in June/July, marking the start of a new cycle of innovation and exploration.

This year, APU doubled its funding, nearly doubling the number of approved projects compared to 2022 — from 11 projects funded in 2022 to a cohort of 20 projects for 2023.

This impressive growth reflects both the growing interest in research among APU academics and the increasing quality of applications.

Eight projects fall under the realm of computing, technology, and engineering, tackling contemporary challenges and exploring innovation within these fast-paced fields. 

Meanwhile, 12 projects delve into non-technology areas, highlighting the breadth of research interests among APU academics and their dedication to contributing to diverse academic fields.

Congratulations and get ready for impact

All projects have a duration ranging from 12 to 24 months and are managed by the Research Management Centre (RMC), which has three key objectives:

  • Empower early career researchers by providing funding support for academics embarking on their research journeys.
  • Bridge to external funding and act as a steppingstone for researchers to secure larger grants from external sources.
  • Foster collaboration and match or provide funding for research collaborations with other international higher education institutions, companies, non-government organisations, associations, and/or agencies.

APU Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ho Chin Kuan congratulates all successful RDIG 2023 scheme applicants.

“Their dedication to research has been an inspiration, and their projects exemplify the potential for significant contributions to their respective fields.

“The university looks forward to receiving even more high-quality proposals in the 2024 cycle and witnessing the continued flourishing of research at APU,” he said.

APU congratulates all the successful applicants for securing the RDIG 2023 scheme and get ready, innovators and researchers, because RDIG 2024 is gearing up for even more impactful research proposals!