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Nurturing Emotional Intelligence

Recap of Pin Hwa High School’s 4-Day Transformative Camp

Guided by the framework of ESG standards, APU’s School of Psychology (SoP) organised an inspiring 4-day Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Camp for Junior-Two and Junior-Three high school students at Pin Hwa High School Klang from 21st November 2023. The camp aimed to raise awareness of EQ, fostering self-awareness, empathy, and social adaptability.

This camp was facilitated by Mr. Jaff Choong Gian Yong, Lecturer from SoP, with assistance from a dedicated team of the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychology degree programme students including Soo Hui Yuen, Man Keng Yoong, Cho Whei Binn, Wong Jia Ee, and Edmond Chua Wei Hong as co-facilitators.

The content of the event was delicately woven through discussions, activities, and reflective times. With a variety of fascinating lectures and hands-on activities, the camp encouraged teens to explore the subtleties of emotional intelligence in a secure and welcoming setting.

One of the highlights was the EQ Game, designed based on a neuro-dramatic play, allowing participants to navigate scenarios that mimicked emotional obstacles in real life. The game was intended to inspire thought and introspection.

Aided and supported by APU students, participants smoothly delved into practical applications of EQ, enhancing comprehension and fostering companionship among peers.

The outcome of the activities was palpable. High school students analysing their feelings and interactions with others gained a greater self-awareness. Many reported that they could step into others’ shoes more easily, leading to more empathetic responses in various situations.

On the contrary, APU students were able to apply their skills and knowledge through practical opportunities like this. By leveraging what they learned in the study programme, in addition to real-life experiences accumulated through human interaction, psychology undergraduates have indirectly prepared themselves for their future career planning.

On the other hand, the EQ Camp served as an avenue for ongoing discussions on emotional intelligence within the school community. The fruits of these processes will certainly be incorporated into APU’s curriculum to ensure consistent training on emotional growth.

As the event concluded, the seeds of emotional intelligence were well sown and will continue to be nurtured, shaping empathetic and resilient individuals within the school community.