Triple Threat: APU Dominates with Unstoppable Teams at Game of Hackers 2023 | Asia Pacific University (APU)

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Triple Threat: APU Dominates with Unstoppable Teams at Game of Hackers 2023

APU teams Lost Paradox, DinoDefend3rs and 3NT4HL4W3I made headlines and emerged as dominant forces at Game of Hackers (GoH) 2023, a Capture the Flag (CTF) competition hosted by Universiti Kuala Lumpur - Malaysian Institute of Information Technology (UniKL MIIT) and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC).

The Universiti Kuala Lumpur - Malaysian Institute of Information Technology (UniKL MIIT) and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) recently hosted the Game of Hackers (GoH) 2023, where three teams from Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) emerged as dominant forces in the Capture the Flag (CTF) competition.

The GoH 2023 CTF is open to all Malaysian and international students enrolled in higher education institutions, and it serves as a venue for aspiring cybersecurity professionals to demonstrate their talents, face real-world challenges, and collaborate with industry leaders.

This year’s competition took place at the UniKL MIIT City Campus in Kuala Lumpur in partnership with Nexagate, a leading name in the computer and network security domain.

Three APU teams entered the CTF arena with names that pointed at a hidden potential. Lost Paradox, recognised for their unconventional solutions, DinoDefend3rs, famed for their impregnable defences, and 3NT4HL4W3I, code whisperers capable of weaving magic through algorithms.

Each team was a formidable force, grabbing three of the top four spots in GoH 2023, where Lost Paradox was crowned Champion, followed by DinoDefend3rs (First Runner-up) and 3NT4HL4W3I (Third Runner-up), and took home cash prizes worth RM3,000, RM2,000 and RM500, respectively.

Team Lost Paradox, made up of Cybersecurity and Information System Security students Kelvin Teo Wen Loong, Mohin Paramasivam, and William Wijaya, was excited with the results because it was their first time working together as a team and competing in GoH 2023.

“We learn that teamwork and good communication among team members leads to effective problem solving. It was one of the few times when the three of us were able to work together and win the competition.

“The competition provided us with challenges that test our cybersecurity skills in various areas and, at the same time requires us to showcase our problem-solving skills,” said Wen Loong representing Lost Paradox.

Team Lost Paradox with their prizes.

Another noteworthy team, DinoDefend3rs, brought together Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics students Yeo Jia Qi, Wong Zhi Zhen, and Darrshan Rajenderan, who combined their expertise to deliver a compelling solution.

“Teamwork, not giving up and we worked till the last minute and ended up being able to solve few challenges to secure the First Runner-up.

“It was nerve-racking because three teams had the same score before the scoreboard froze, but we were able to overcome a couple more challenges to get more points in the end.

“GoH 2023 CTF definitely added value to us, where we can prove our ability to future employers,” DinoDefend3rs’ Jia Qi explained.

The 3NT4HL4W3I team, which includes Chang Shiau Huei, Danisy Eisyraf Yusni Afindi, and Chen Lik Ken, completed the APU contingent and was nominated as the Third Runner-up.

“GoH 2023 taught us new insights from different areas through the challenge,” said Shiau Huei of 3NT4HL4W3I.

While the specifics of the challenges and teams’ outcomes are being kept under wraps, APU teams’ participation and performance at the GoH 2023 CTF is clear evidence of the university's strong cybersecurity programme.

The students’ devotion and talent, together with the mentorship of seasoned teachers and industry partnerships such as the one with Nexagate, are paving the road for the next generation of cybersecurity specialists.

The success of APU teams at the Game of Hackers 2023 is a win not only for the university, but also for Malaysia’s broader cybersecurity community.

It emphasises the necessity of developing young talent and giving them with opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute to the ever-changing cybersecurity scene.

Team Lost DinoDefend3rs is completing challenges in the GoH 2023 CTF.