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APU Life on Land Conservation

APU aim to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.

  • Indoor Environmental Quality

Thermal Comfort via Hybrid Cooling - Cooling system in the building is provided via chilled water pipes which complements the conventional cold air supply system.

As the highest capacity of the building is rested in the concrete mass, direct cooling of the concrete slabs with embedded water pipes is the most efficient means to cool the building mass.

Noise Control - The advantage of the above cooling system is that the air ventilation rate is reduced significantly. The noise from the ducts is also reduced significantly, improving the acoustic comfort.

Use of Sustainable Materials - The building design is also aimed to provide the occupants with a healthy and productive working environment. The minimal use of ceiling material resource use is reduced via doing away with suspended ceilings, plaster ceiling, ceiling boards except for small areas to conceal the ducts. This reduces the material used as compared to conventional buildings.

Green labelled plasterboards are used for the ceiling and the internal partitions. The plasterboards have low volatile organic compound emission and has a percentage of recycled content.

The floor carpeting is also green labelled for low VOC emission and has at least 5% recycled content.

  • Outdoor Environmental Quality

Landscaping and an upstand outdoor garden ensure not only a green space but also provide a cool and shaded environment for the occupants. This, coupled with a sperry fabric roof helps to further reduce urban heat.

Buildings near or surrounded by greenery have lower ambient temperature (surrounding temperature) than the ones away from the greenery and it is seen as an effective way to lower the ambient temperature.

Other Initiatives & Campaigns Undertaken​
  • Fundraising event for Green Peace Malaysia, more than RM 1,000 have been raised.  
  • Students have created a team known as APU Nature’s Musketeers – they have an insta page where daily facts on environment problems are shared. 
  • Students have created insta reel challenges – APU student community are encouraged to recycle items instead of throwing them away.

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