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APU Recycling Program

APU is passionate in implement greater change towards better environment & clean earth which will eventually bring positive effect on the economy and larger awareness among its staff and students.

Recycled Content Material - Usage of recycled content as defined in accordance with the ISO 14021 in the building was established during the design phase. The recycle content of the materials used in the building makes up at least 10% of the total value of the project.

Storage and Collection of Recyclables - Recycle bins are provided throughout the building. These are then collected daily by the cleaners and store at the allocated recycle bins for collection on a weekly basis by the recycling company appointed by the local authority.

Other Initiatives & Campaigns Undertaken​
  • Use china cups/mugs and glasses rather than disposable cups for drinks where possible
  • Re-use envelopes for internal mail
  • Use the blank side of printed paper for scrap pads before recycling
  • Set printers/copiers to print duplex or double sided and only print documents when absolutely necessary
  • Send e-mails instead of letters or faxes where possible
  • Use paperclips (that can be reused) instead of staples

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